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For example , state-owned and private enterprises weak strong " not strong .In the life and death of a nation , it is probably the limit of a private enterprise can do it.Select rescue at least two options, one to seek refuge in a nice valuation giant to avoid competition , and with the overseas distribution giant ceiling problem solving . Wholesale Cheap Moncler Women Coats In Purple " Wanda side of the external expansion , while internal turmoil , people can not help but ask what we want to play it in the end ? But the only certainty is that the system is still doing Wanda " multiplication " , in the presence of domestic commercial real estate "leader .Several other clothing brands are still within the standings , although the location there , but also decreased significantly.From the long run , temporarily located Wanda Wanda Plaza department store that does not mean forever abandon Wanda Wanda Group department .

Moncler Men Jackets Grey Black Ma Ying Biao think we can imitate Australia shops, open a department store in Hong Kong.The real estate business when backdoor listing in Hong Kong , Wang Jianlin, Wanda had revealed them in batches into the idea of ??capital markets.So how Chinese brands to enhance consumer trust ? In fact , enhance brand trust simple and difficult : Enhancing internal strength is not , everything else is in vain .

Moncler Smart Casual Hooded Women Vests Red visiting the store in a subsequent process, Bluetooth-based indoor positioning technology APP on the phone , consumers will browse to the nearby regional commodity promotional information , and then presents detailed information about the goods and raw materials , as well as evaluation of other customers parity , etc.Although Chinese companies can enjoy reduced quotas to bring costs, market expansion opportunities, but is facing more challenges .New York Fashion Week in February , many people in the industry once again advocates the establishment of a dedicated mens fashion week , separated from the womens week .China International Garment City : gathering foreign clothing brands consumers face Sioux City

Wholesale Cheap Moncler Loire Women Coffee Coats before entering the New World Department Store , New World department Store China Chen Xu, chief operating officer of the real estate business and shopping centers did exist , which he said with a smile , " now that it robbed Mall the department store business, in fact, then grab the merchandise business is my friends.apparel companies and retailers , and its efficiency, flexibility and experience is very important.President of the China Commerce Association , said Chu Xiu Qi Jieshao the first half of this year, in addition to Internet sales ( realized 879.In Chinas Zheng He fleet after a round of praise , Fareed Zakaria then asked: China was able to create such a perfect vessel, so the size of carry strong maritime adventure , why not create clocks to it? So strong maritime adventure , why China would benefit from further than Columbus expedition , however , and will screeching halt ? To the first question , Fareed Zakaria answer is, Zhengs Forbidden City in Beijing , is made ??by the command system similar out .